Valley of the Doormats

Good afternoon anglers,


It has been a busy week on the Misty Dawn II! The Bass seemed to had slowed down a bit after Friday night but bounced back Monday. A nice body of Fluke has invaded Montauk; Sunday morning we started seeing a greater amount of fish and larger fluke in the area. Tuesday’s Fluke trip was EPIC. August is the month to target Doormats in Montauk!


Friday was a crew trip including Captain Jim, Charlie, and myself. It was the kind of Bass fishing that Montauk is known for! For 3 hours it was lock and load Bass to 42lbs (that one was released) and we left them biting. Strange occurrence of the night was bringing in a Bass that had been bit in the tail by a shark. Rumor had it that 3 Sand Bar sharks were caught that night on eels.


Saturday morning we had Rick and Crew on a split Bass / Fluke trip. Heavy Boat traffic put the Bass off a bit but we were still able to manage 3 fish into the boat, dropping another boat side. Bernie took top honors with a beautiful 35lb Bass. Off to the Fluke grounds we went. There we culled through a lot of short Sea Bass with a difficult Fluke bite. Mike took top honors getting his limit by days end. The bite never turned into anything aggressive and we ended the day with a few more flatties and a near limit of Sea Bass.




Saturday night saw Mark from Long Island Propeller, his family, and friends. The boat traffic was horrendous, similar to the Van Wyck Expressway at 4 pm! Fog set in and a swell developed.  That, coupled with numerous wakes from other boats, made for difficult fishing conditions. We managed one 35lb Bass, which was Vicky’s first ever! She was so happy and all smiles. The consensus back at the dock was the same all around: the bite downright sucked, and not many Bass were caught that night.



Sunday morning was a full day trip dedicated to Fluke fishing. Mike O, Mitch, John, Pete, and Lee were in for a treat. While Fluking, John hooked up with something BIG! A Thresher shark, well over 100 lbs, picked up his fluke bait and was off to the races. After 15 minutes he was gone. Not 10 minutes later another Thresher shark was on! This time Mike O was up; 10 yards from the boat the shark leapt 5 feet clean out of the water, easily a 150 lb fish, and was off to the races for a few minutes, then disappeared with a pop! Very exciting. The Sea Bass bite was savage and we had an easy limit to 4.2lbs (weighed at the dock) The fluke bite was also good that day! We had 9 keepers to 7 lbs for 5 guys, with a lot of action and dropped fish. The crew was very happy come days end, with a nice cooler full of fish.




Monday night we had a Bass trip with Jim, Jimmy, Robbie, Matt, Ed and Bernie. Word around the marina was that Sunday night was a big improvement from Saturday, so I was anxious to see if they were going to chew.  It took a little while for the bite to get going, but once it started it was game on! We were 1 fish shy of a boat limit,  losing a few boat side. Jimmy and Robbie (father and son) had a great time making memories, both boating some awesome fish. Jimmy’s fish was 30 lbs and was the largest of the night.



Tuesday was a day for the books! A friend’s trip turned into the trip of a lifetime for Andrew Chase. The Fluke Bite was on in Montauk.  Andrew started the day boating a monster 10.4 Doormat ( weighed 7 hours later on dock scale). He then boated another beautiful fish of 7.4 lbs in a different location. We ended the day in the same spot where Andrew had his Doormat, with him boating another impressive Fluke at 8.4 lbs!  We also had an easy limit of Sea Bass and were just a couple of Fluke shy of a boat limit. During the course of the trip the bite was very aggressive, which was great to see!



August is the time to target Doormat Fluke! The bite should remain strong in Montauk. The week of the 10th-19th is open for charters. I would also like to put together a couple of open boat trips for those unable to get a full charter together. These will consist of full days and maybe even extended days. If it’s Bass you are looking for,  I will list prime moon dates below.  If you are interested in joining us on a split open boat, feel free to contact me asap so I can put together a group of anglers.


Friday August 10: open prime bass date

Saturday August 11: open prime bass date

Sunday August 12: BOOKED

Monday August 13: am open possible split trip

Tuesday August 14: open prime bass date

Wednesday 15-Friday 17: open possible split trips.


Saturday August 18: open

Sunday August 19: open


Saturday August 25: open prime bass date

Sunday 26: booked

Monday August 27: open prime bass date

Tuesday August 28: open prime bass date

Wednesday August 29: open prime bass date

Thursday August 30: Monday open for trips (Labor day weekend) Fluke fishing was red hot this time last year.


Thank you! Hope to see you all soon!

Captain Marco





Misty Dawn II mission is to provide its customers with an enjoyable exciting experience and relaxing time on the water, while catching fish and exploring the beauties that Montauk has to offer.