What to Bring

Below is a list of items that the Captain recommends to have with you on the charter, as well as guidelines to ensure a safe and enjoyable day for all:

  • Sunscreen
  • Sunglasses
  • A hat
  • Proper clothing:  On the water in the ocean, and within the town of Montauk, air temperatures can be 10-15 degrees cooler during the spring and early summer than across other areas of Long Island. It is recommended to always check the weather forecast for the day and dress for the expected conditions. Often a sea breeze develops in the afternoon; a sweatshirt or wind breaker will help to block the wind and achieve a higher level of comfort on the boat.
  • Inclement weather:  Dress for the predicted forecast and, if necessary, prepare for rain showers in advance by packing a rain jacket and/or waterproof gear. Generally storms will quickly pass, and we will fish through the weather.
  • NO open-toe shoes:  For your safety and the safety of those around you, this includes sandals or any shoe where the toes or top of the foot are exposed. While on the deck of the boat, certain species of fish may cause unintentional harm to unprotected feet. Additionally, open-toe shoes are not a good platform for movement within a charter. It is recommended that you wear an pair of old sneakers (which you don’t mind getting dirty), boat shoes, or boots.
  • Food and Water:  Based on the time of day and length of time you’ll be on the water, bring necessary food and snacks as well as an ample amount of water to keep you hydrated. Please no glass containers on board the boat.
  • A Camera:  To take pictures of your catch
  • A cooler to bring your catch home in (ice is included in the charter price)
  • If you are subject to sea sickness, it is recommended to follow the directions on your preferred medication. Most medications require you to take them hours before your charter begins. They will not work if you take them as you are walking down the dock to the boat.