Big Bass are in Montuak

Good Morning Anglers,

Some big Bass showed up this week in Montauk. Fluke fishing is hot and cold.

Friday, June 29th we battled a large ground swell from the day before, which left the ocean water dirty and turned. Victor Tang and Peter from Book Fishing Trips (Fisherman Depot tackle center in Queens) brought a crew out in the am. We started off live bait fishing for bass and were rewarded with a bunch of bites. After landing 3 and dropping a few, the boys wanted to go Fluke fishing. The 4-7 foot swell and dirty water turned the bottom fish bite off. We made numerous moves and finally found a pile of fish away from the swell in the afternoon. The guys landed a couple nice fluke and Pete was able to boat a nice 6 lb fish on a Fisherman’s Depot Fluke spoon. The crew had a great time and will be out again!

The night of Friday, June 29th Mike Owen took his family out for a live bait trophy striped bass trip. The trip was EPIC for his son Zach and his friend Steve, both from North Carolina. 14 fish were landed between 4 people in about 2 hours. High hook went to Steve, who boated 8 with two at 40lbs and another at 42lbs. Steve decided to release both big fish and keep a smaller one to eat. Way to go Steve!!! Warren and Zach had matching 38 pounders on the same drift. The guys did a great job and took the time to release all the big fish they were able to land.

Saturday, June 30th we had a crew out from the Atlantis Anglers Club. A great group of guys who started the morning Bass fishing. Along with many hook ups and a few dropped fish, the crew boated 4 bass. The largest went 44 lbs, which Larry released. Mitch landed his personal best, a 32.8 lb on the dock scale. After Bass fishing, I took the crew in search of Fluke.  Sol landed his personal best Fluke, a 8.8 lb in the rip on an eel!  Remnants of the swell and dirty water still lingered. We chipped away at the Fluke and Sea Bass all day, ending up with half a dozen keepers to 8.8 lbs, with a couple in the 6 lb range, and a dozen Sea Bass. Great work guys!

Sunday, July 1st we had Brian Bishop and friends on the boat and started the day off Bass fishing. The bite was off due to a combination of later tides, a brighter sun, and way too much boat traffic. The boys managed to land 2 Bass, the largest, at 39 lbs, was taken by Ed. Off to the Fluke grounds we went. We battled small to medium Sea Bass all day, trying keep the lines down long enough to hook a Fluke. At the end of the day, Brian had his personal best, a touch over 8 lbs.  The guys went home with coolers full of tasty Sea Bass and Fluke.


I expect the Fluke bite will heat up as the month goes on.  Late July and all of August are usually the best times to exclusively target Montauk Fluke.


For those looking to target Trophy Striped Bass, I recommend booking a trip 3 days before or after the moon. I prefer night fishing, as opposed to going out during the day for these Bass. I will have my alternate captain,  long time charter boat captain and good friend, Jimmy, running the boat through the middle of July, while I take care of my wife and new baby girl, who is due in a few weeks.

I do have openings for live bait Bass trips the nights of July 14th and 15th.  All day trips are booked.

I am also booking Trophy Striped Bass and full day Doormat Fluke trips, for the month of August. Please call or email me if you are interested in a date.


Captain Marco DeStefano

Misty Dawn II mission is to provide its customers with an enjoyable exciting experience and relaxing time on the water, while catching fish and exploring the beauties that Montauk has to offer.