August full moon 8/25-9/3

Good evening anglers,


Last week on the back side of the new moon we had some up and down fishing. Some of the trips were very good while others we bent the rods well but keepers were harder to come by. As far as the Bass bite, Sunday 8/12 am trip was good with fish to 45 lbs on live bait then it seems the bite turned off. I got word of few fish that were around later on in the week so that is promising for this upcoming moon.

A large body of Fluke from what I am hearing has set in over south of Block Island. My plan is to run an open boat trip Saturday September 1 over to Block Island. The trip will be a Fluke Sea Bass (9/1 starts 7 pp possession limit on Sea Bass) it will be an extended day 9+ hours. Here is the schedule as follows. If you are interested in getting in on a open boat split charter please contact me asap.

*indicates prime moon tide


*Sat 8/25 open (prime bass tide will split charter if i have interest $140pp plus tip)need 5 people to sail.

*Sun 8/26 booked

*Mon 8/27 open ( will open boat split pm bass trip with interest same rate as above)

*Tues 8/28 Am booked Pm bass open ( LOOKING FOR OPEN BOAT SPLIT PRIME TIDE)

*Wed 8/29 open am open boat Fluke trip with interest.

Thur 8/30 open

Fri 8/21 open

Sat 9/1 open for charter or OPEN BOAT EXTENDED TRIP BLOCK ISLAND TRIP $200 PP plus tip ( sea bass limit is not 7 pp)

Sun 9/2 open or  alternate date for block extended trip if weather is better on this date

Mon 9/3 am open.


Some of the quality Fluke from last week



Please contact me if you have any questions or interest in open boat trips.

Thanks- Misty Dawn Fishing

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